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'''John Shimmin''' BEd is a Member of the House of Keys for Douglas West (constituency)|Douglas West. Shimmin was born in Douglas, Isle of Man|Douglas in 1960 and educated at St Ninian's High School, Douglas and the Worcester College of Higher Education. He was then a teacher from 1982 until entering politics in 1996. He was elected as MHK for Douglas West (constituency)|Douglas West in 1996 at his first attempt. On 31 In 1999 he became Chairman of the Isle of Man Post Office before becoming Minister of Transport (Isle of Man)|Minister of Transport in 2002. In 2005 he swapped departments with the Minister of Home Affairs (Isle of Man)|Minister of Home Affairs Phil Braidwood. In July 2006 he announced he would stand for Chief Minister of the Isle of Man after the 2006 General Election. In November 2006 he was re-elected into Tynwald, alongside Geoff Corkish in West Douglas. He was...
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